instagram mountain

we drove two hours out of the way to walk around painted hay and i am not mad. well, maybe a little mad. on our way cole kept saying, “on our way to instagram mountain” and i guess he was not wrong. it was soooooo hot and in the middle of nowhere. cole had to go to the bathroom in a blazing hot porta potty … stanky.

he took some cutie little pics of me. i am wearing all free people. these pants are perfect for the summer but absolutely awful to ride a bike in. they kept getting caught on the chain and i basically looked like i needed training wheels. my shoes are soludos.. i am obsessed with them besides the fact that they make my foot cramp up every so often because the bottom has terrible support. i still wear them at least twice a week.

we were camping so i hadn’t brushed my hair for a couple of days .. my apologies.

cole loves taking pictures ❤

enjoy your stay.



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