january 18th, 2018

ry and i bundled up in our best cold weather fashion and went to philly. we walked around rittenhouse square .. it was so romantic.

december 15th, 2017
lil breakfast at great white with my besties. this 12 dollar acai bowl broke my bank account but is amazing and worth it. not pictured: to die for white chocolate strawberry scone.

happy mornings.

december 2nd, 2017
i want to die with a mouthful of pasta. eatly was so f’ing good. we only experienced the restaurant but i am beyond excited to go back for more!! bread, cheese, and pasta heaven.


november 11th, 2017
quick and cute little get away with my mom in santa barbara. this pizza is from lucky penny…so yum.


october 21st 2017
my roommates and i thought it was a good idea to go to bottomless brunch and then a rooftop bar and then a concert…concert was the only good idea. all of our phones died, we lost each other but by the graces of god we ended up together during harry styles set.


who rylee be textin?! my dress is free people. hat is brixton.

love these humans.

enjoy your stay.