happy holidays

the year is coming to an end and i'm ready to eat latkes and watch love actually 17 times. don't have a life? me either ... take this quiz to find out which character you are ... i got billy mack. help. honestly, my favorite christmas movie is home alone 2. simply because pizza in [...]

let it hang

really just wanted to hang out in a hotel room in palm springs ... so here i am ... just hangin out. i splurged on a few dresses from urban a couple weeks ago and this is one of them. no rAgrets here. i have worn it soooo much since i have gotten it. dress [...]

we’re all alright

i feel like the inspiration from this shirt comes from hyde, from that 70s show. it just makes me want to sit around in a circle with my friends and ... talk about our feelings ... anyways, i freakin love overalls. i hope that trend never dies, aaaand jumpsuits ... love jumpsuits. these bad boys [...]

instagram mountain

we drove two hours out of the way to walk around painted hay and i am not mad. well, maybe a little mad. on our way cole kept saying, "on our way to instagram mountain" and i guess he was not wrong. it was soooooo hot and in the middle of nowhere. cole had to [...]

need a vacation

this outfit is very ~tourist on vacation in hawaii~ of me. i reallllllllly want to go to hawaii, but no one will take me. my parents went a couple years ago, zero invite. i could maybe afford to go there, if i stopped buying pants i don't need. these pants are from free people ... [...]

sunday scaries

this was my sunday morning farmers market look. no sunday scaries here. i even have my nails done.....WHAT?!! when i have my nails done i feel extremely rich. not kardashian rich but like your parents have a boat rich. can't get enough of these pants. they make me feel so free. i paired it with [...]

i flaked

hate to admit it but sometimes i can be a flake. at least i'm being honest. ya know, things come me and my bed...and riverdale. i feel like if i was casted in the show, which i should be........ i would be archies sister. we are both incredibly good looking and then they could [...]